Monster Reflection

Your drawing
Your partner's drawing


Your original description
My plankton’s name is Ryan by Jack
1. His body is a green rectangle and has black arms. Two are straight and two are squiggly.
2. He has two green stick legs.
3. He has a yellow sphere eye and a black dot in the middle of the eye.
4. He has two curved antenna on the top of his head with six straight lines on one and four on the other.

What words did you use in your description that made the picture easy to draw?

about the arms weres squiggly atthe top

What words were missing that made it hard for the person to draw your picture? What would you add now?

there is white eye in the midde of his body

What made it hard to describe your picture?

about the antennas were hanging down

Your partner's drawing
Your drawing


Your partner's description
The Mutant Snake by Michelle

My monster has a big, turquoise body with blue stripes. It has a fish’s tail. It is slimy. It is wet. It is very scary. My monster is long and thin. It has bright yellow evil eyes that glow. Watch out! It bites. If you get it mad it can be very dangerous. It is fast, and it is a good swimmer. My monster also has a curvy body and is slick and smooth. It is slippery. It has a red forked tongue and sharp, white teeth. It is huge! It is 10 times the size of you! It has an oval-shaped head. It’s eye is almond-shaped. They almost look like cat’s eyes.

What words did your partner use in their description that made the picture easy to draw?

he didnot tell me about the slimy a slithery body

What words were missing that made it hard for you to draw the picture? What should you they have added?

he had a tail