Monster Reflection

Your drawing
Your partner's drawing


Your original description
Monster Called Square by Adrianna
1. Her head is a large red square.
2. She has big, green hair coming out of the top of her head.
3. Her body is a red rectangle.
4. Her legs are four red sticks.
5. Her nose is a green dot.
6. Her eyes are green circles.
7. Her mouth is a green line that looks like squeezed toothpaste.
8. Her stomach looks like it is filled with string beans.

What words did you use in your description that made the picture easy to draw?

her body is a red rectangle and her four red sticks and her nose is a green dot.

What words were missing that made it hard for the person to draw your picture? What would you add now?

The head was white and the color of the legs.

What made it hard to describe your picture?

The shap of the hair.

Your partner's drawing
Your drawing


Your partner's description
The Three Toothed Giant by Pablo

My monster has a big, blue, round head. It has one small, red eye. It has three medium-sized blue spikes on its head. It has a blue trapezoid-shaped body with lined black legs and circle-shaped feet. It destroys cities. The red eye shoots out red lasers. It has one big tooth in the middle, and it has one tooth on each side.

What words did your partner use in their description that made the picture easy to drawT

The big blue round head.

What words were missing that made it hard for you to draw the picture? What should you they have added?

To corler the body. The teeth are not pointing down,